Driver Accounts
Private hire operators derive their income in various ways. The Driver Weekly Account routine aims to be as flexible as possible in calculating this revenue.
The routine simply requires the user to specify the start and finish dates of the period and click a button.
Pre set weekly charges are copied from an account template and all bookings completed during this time are found and assessed for commissions.
Each time a new driver record is created, a blank weekly account template is also created automatically. The operator simply needs to fill in the charges that will be applied to that driver on a weekly basis.
Commission rates are specified (if applicable) and used when calculating commission charges from jobs completed during a specified period.
When a weekly account is created for a driver, a report is printed showing all charges for the period. This can be filed or passed to the driver.
The account entry can be stored and retrieved again later then displayed or printed as required. Stored account entries are considered as revenue and used when calculating VAT liabilities.
Stored weekly account entries are listed in date order. To display an entry, simply select the relevant date.
The report can be printed without storing the account entry, or re-printed from a stored entry.